Benefits of Triflo International’s pit less, turn-key, fast move mud system.

  • it gets rid of sore-looking and dangerous pits
  • it cuts-down the time, energy and money of building, fencing and
    reclaiming reserve pits
  • it cutback the need for cuts in sensitive and hilly areas
  • total surface disruption associated with a well pad is down
  • it gets rid of risk of waterfowl and wildlife mortality related
    to pits
  • it gets rid of risk of damaging underground pipelines and
  • it grant drilling in areas with a high ground water table
  • it nearly eliminates drilling waste
  • rigs use less water per well – it can reduce water usage by as
    much as 80%
  • the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that
    “closed loop systems” can decrease the volume of drilling fluids by
    as much as 90%
  • it gets rid of soil isolation, which reduces wind erosion
  • it reduces heavy-load traffic associated with transporting
    drilling wastes by as much as 75%
  • it may improve relationship with land owners
  • it largely decrease waste tracking and need for land farming
  • drill debris may be put to beneficial use, e.g., if not
    contaminated they may provide a source of finely-ground clay for berg
    construction around tank batteries or other uses
  • the tanks can be re-used and move around


Closed-loop systems reduce company liability

Pits may or may not be lined (depending on the oil and gas regulations); and pits are open to the air. Because of this, the pit may leak liquids into surface or groundwater and release high levels of unsettled organic compounds, which in turn create health, environmental, and financial risks. If improperly guarded, livestock may enter the pit area. If the livestock is poisoned by the pit materials, companies may be liable for the deaths, and be required to compensate the livestock owner.

According to the Railroad Commission of Texas, even though closed-loop drilling is not always the least price-wise option, some companies in Texas have elected to use only closed-loop drilling fluids systems in their operations. Company choose this path because whenever a closed-loop system is used, the operator reduces the potential future liability associated with a conventional earthen pit, and reduces the waste management and site closure costs. It’s also good for the company image and public relations.


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