Triflo is proud to announce a new line of solids control equipment packages designed with our customers in mind, containerized units. These units are fully encompassed within a standard ISO certified twenty or forty container and are packed full of Triflo mechanical separation technology including elliptical and linear shakers as well as ten, four, and two inch hydro cyclones. Open the doors of the container, hook up your feed line and your new Triflo unit will be ready to process your feed.

Tri-Flo’s E.S. or Environmental System product line is a three stage liquid-solids separation system that separates solids from pump-able slurries down to a nominal 10 um (micron). This type of solids separation system is used more commonly on environmental remediation, dredging or tank bottom/slop oil processing.

Steel Tank Info

The TRIFLO MFS or Micro Fluid System has been designed specifically to accept feed directly from the cuttings pit in an HDD or directional boring scenario.  The primary purpose of an “MFS System” is to remove as much of the cuttings (solids) from the drilling fluid so it can be reused in the bore. The secondary purpose is the ability to mix drilling additives into your live mud system via the mixing hopper circuit. Depending upon the design, it would usually consist of a two or three stage separation process. Our MFS systems are named by their holding capacities.

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