Microfluid Systems

What is a Microfluid System? The TRIFLO MFS or Micro Fluid System has been designed specifically to accept feed directly from the cuttings pit in an HDD or directional boring scenario.  The primary purpose of an “MFS System” is to remove as much of the cuttings (solids) from the drilling fluid so it can be reused in the bore. The secondary purpose is the ability to mix drilling additives into your live mud system via the mixing hopper circuit. Depending upon the design, it would usually consist of a two or three stage separation process. Our MFS systems are named by their holding capacities.
  • The first stage would use a “scalping shaker” with a coarse mesh screen to remove any larger spoils such as rock or gravel from the drilling fluid.
  • The second stage would be a desanding hydrocylone to remove the coarse sand (74 micron) that would discharge onto another shaker to be dried even further.
  • The third and final stage would be the “desilting hydrocyclones”. They would remove all of the finer sand and silts to a 40-45 micron particle size and then discharge onto the final shaker with a fine mesh screen. At this point the drilling fluid has been reclaimed and the sand and silts have been removed.

MFS 1500 T.I.      MFS 3000 T.I.        MFS 3500        MFS 4000T.I.      MFS 8000 T.I.