Triflo International’s MFS 3000 mud system use in US Air Force.
MFS 3000 use by US Air Force Combat Engineers
The method of solids control principle used in drilling is the control of mud solid phase technology. The technology purpose remove the harmful mud, solids and keep the good solids through process on mud filter and cleaning requirements. The current use of drilling, the recovery mud solids control is system composed from small to large as end user requires. The choices of mud solids control system is need according the basics in below:

It needs to be clean or inhibit particle variable types and size

It need to be maintain the quality of the mud

The size of ability in drill, removal of solids and operation cycle rate.

Solids control system function as environmental protection system that is requires in every region of the world who are digging in to earth to harvest resource underground.

US Air force combat Engineer use MFS 3000 as water well drilling for remote base in any region of Earth and currently use the system in Afghanistan. The system also serve as public civic engineer service for the local region and give it as gift for local region government for continue civic service provide secure water source.

Due to the nature of use for combat troops, it requires the system can be airlift and drop by method of Air Force Transport. MFS 3000 system certify as below by quality assurance for airlift and drop by cargo plane, easy use and maintenance by basic training to anyone, and build quality that can survive in most extreme environment conditions earth can throw at it.

MFS 3000
Triflo International’s MFS 3000 mud system use in US Air Force.
Triflo International’s MFS 3000 mud system use in US Air Force.

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MFS 3000