Triflo is proud to announce a new line of solids control equipment packages designed with our customers in mind, containerized units.

These units are fully encompassed within a standard ISO certified twenty or forty container and are packed full of Tri-Flo mechanical separation technology including elliptical and linear shakers as well as ten, four, and two inch hydro cyclones. Open the doors of the container, hook up your feed line and your new Tri-Flo unit will be ready to process your feed. Figure 1 shows just one example of the many containerized packages we now offer.


Why Choose a Containerized System?

A containerized system has many benefits for the customer. Solids control equipment systems are a substantial investment for any company and having them enclosed inside of a container helps to protect this investment by keeping them safe from the elements, in addition to being able to lock them up and secure them on the job site in the evenings.

Transportation cost is also something to consider when purchasing solids control equipment as it is an associated cost that extends through the life of the equipment as you move from job to job. This is one of the biggest reasons to consider a container system as shipping a container, especially overseas, can be substantially cheaper than shipping an irregularly sized and shaped load.


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