Te Triflo MFS 8000R, a patented three phase drill mud cleaning machine with Triflo’s high shear mud mixing hopper circuit all integrated with Triflo’s rockover type trailer. The Triflo MFS 8000R has 8200 gallons of capacity with a flow rate of 1000 GPM water and utilizes Triflo’s proprietary single manifold mud cleaner and Triflo’s high G unbalanced elliptical shakers. With this combination of equipment the Triflo MFS 8000R will produce improved cut points, provide excellent mud weight control and pass paint filter dry solids discharge.     Data Sheet: MFS 8000R     Components: 03-00-347 Mud Hopper, 4″ Complete 03-02-051 Shaker, 146E PTP Assembly 03-00-075 Mud Cleaner, 16-4 Desilter Assembly 03-02-561 Mud Cleaner, 2-10 Desander  

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