Why You Should Consider Solids Control Systems

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When oil and gas companies dig wells, they cause surface disruptions and physical and chemical changes in the reservoir bed. Solids control separates useless drilling cuttings from the drilling fluid, allowing substances that harm the environment to be disposed of safely. At the same time, other solids necessary to the drilling process can be reused. […]

The Basics of Dewatering for the Construction Industry

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In the construction industry, groundwater can create a host of complications that affect both worker safety and structural stability. Dewatering is a critical aspect of maintaining a safe construction site. Whether you are pouring a concrete slab or excavating a pipeline, dewatering improves your construction quality, decreases labor hours, and promotes worksite safety. Since 1979, […]

Types of Dewatering Systems

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When excavating for new construction, the presence of surface and groundwater is a major concern. Whether it’s surface rainwater from a recent storm or groundwater in a deep excavation, removing water from your construction site helps to reduce slip hazards, minimize equipment damage, firm the soil, and eliminate the release of toxic materials into the surrounding environment.

What Is Dewatering?

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Dewatering, otherwise known as water control or solids control, involves the process of draining rainwater or groundwater from an excavated area before construction begins. This process separates liquids from solid material such as drilling mud, dredged slurry, and more. Dewatering is typically carried out by pumping from wells to lower groundwater levels, allowing excavations to […]